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CFCamp 2013 Presentation: Introduction to CoffeeScript

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Last week I had the opportunity to speak at the CFCamp 2013 conference in Munich. Rather than a CFML topic I proposed a talk on CoffeeScript, as I had been doing a few CoffeeScript projects at work and found the language interesting. Although funnily enough in between proposing the talk and actually giving it I have actually gone off the idea of using CoffeeScript heavily in production.

After attending JSConf EU in September I just feel that there’s too much new stuff coming in JavaScript that clashes with what’s already in CoffeeScript that it might be better to stick to pure JS. Of course CoffeeScript generated JS won’t stop working, but it just sometimes feels like the little bit of nicer syntax isn’t worth the overheads to the process.

So my presentation was very wary in trying to advocate / evangelise CoffeeScript, it was more a case of “Hey, this is what CoffeeScript is and what it looks like. You might want to give it a go, but really be aware of the downsides”!

I’ve put the Introduction to CoffeeScript presentation online – there’s a live CoffeeScript code editor and compiler built into the slides, which was a bit of fun to write.

As for the conference itself, it was a lot of fun! Michael Hnat and the rest of the organising team did a great job, and the venue was excellent. Also loved the drinks on every table in the presentation rooms, and the copious amounts of pretzels for snacks. I met some interesting people, and saw some interesting presentations. It was only good timing with my family holiday that I could make it there this year, which is a shame as I’d happily come back next year if it wasn’t half way around the world.